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As A New Culture Moves in, An Old One Heads Out

Rising rents in a gentrifying neighborhood forces small businesses to shutter; it’s a recurring story throughout New York City. But while the economics of gentrification and its impacts on small businesses are often talked about, there’s a different kind of story playing out on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope. Tabeel Rush, owner of Tabeel Aromatherapy, […]

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Brooklyn Bets on the Garment Industry

Fashion and Garment Industry Companies Speak Out as Politicians Spar With its whoopee pies and $18 cups of coffee, the 40,000-square-foot food hall will remind some visitors of Chelsea Market.  In one corner is a stand boasting to be “the world’s first avocado bar,” selling smoothies, salads, and toasts. Down the hall, a “whole animal […]