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Red Hook’s Zoning Battle: Housing versus Industry

By Lea Khayata. Jay Amato thought he had it all planned. He was going to build his own house on a piece of land he bought at the corner of Van Brunt and Conover streets in Red Hook, Brooklyn. But the city rejected his construction permit for not complying with the zoning requirements. Amato’s property […]

Housing in Brooklyn is All About Location

Throughout most of Brooklyn, the housing market has rebounded from the slump that followed the economic collapse of 2008. While the number of new properties being sold in America is currently the lowest in recorded history, Brooklyn has seen an increase in total sales and sales prices in the past year. But the health of […]

Tenant v. Landlord: A Day in Housing Court

By Abigail Ronck Depending on which judge hears your case in Kings County Housing Court you might not be able to go home. There are no juries here. There are just hundreds of people coming in through the doors each day to see the man or woman who sits on high. The judge will either […]

Brooklyn Residents Fear Loss of Housing Vouchers

By Yaffi Spodek Olga Ovanesyan, 53, is a Russian immigrant and single mom from Brooklyn. As a student studying to be a physician’s assistant, she has no job or income and lives mostly off disability payments she receives as a result of injuries she sustained in 9/11. After living in a Manhattan shelter for several […]