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Faces of OWS: The Police

From Zuccotti Park to Times Square to Washington Square Park, the New York Police Department has been out in full force during the Occupy Wall Street protests. They’ve donned riot gear, clashed with protestors and brought in the cavalry. But they’ve also stood quietly, most times, as protesters chant, “You are the 99 percent.”


Q&A: Occupy Wall Street’s Media Man

After two weeks of covering Occupy Wall Street, I finally got my sit-down with Justin Wedes, an early member of the movement and a core component of its media team. The 25-year-old teaches leadership part-time at a high school in Brooklyn, but most of his time is dedicated to the people of Zuccotti Park and growing the...


Greenpoint’s McCarren Park First to Get Wi-Fi [Brooklyn Paper]

McCarren Park in Greenpoint became the first of several Brooklyn parks to be equipped with Wi-Fi last Friday, thanks to a hook-up by IT Hospitality Solutions and AT&T, according to the Brooklyn Paper. Three antennae were fastened to a brick maintenance building near Lorimer Street and Driggs Avenue to provide the service. According to the...


First-person Account of Arrest, Brief Jail Time During #occupywallst

You may know what happened when protestors and police officers clashed on the Brooklyn Bridge a few days ago during #occupywallst, but have you read an actual first-person account of someone who was there? The @newinquiry’s Managing Editor Malcolm Harris (@destructuremal) was arrested at the demonstration near Zuccotti Park and jailed for a short time. Here...