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Shades Of a Gray Area: The Sex Trade In Brooklyn Today

Photo by Christian Pichler What comes to mind when you read the word “prostitute”? If your first image is a scantily clad female on a street corner—maybe scrambling to support a drug addiction—you’re not alone, but your view on the sex industry is largely outdated. While streetwalkers certainly do still exist, including in Brooklyn, the...


Paul Ryan First Impressions: From Bay Ridge to Bushwick

It’s been three days. On August 11, Mitt Romney announced that Paul Ryan would be his running mate, reigniting the presidential race. What does Brooklyn think about that? To answer the question, Brooklyn Ink reporters fanned across the borough, asking residents how they felt about the congressman from Wisconsin and his controversial “Path to Prosperity” budget plan.


Seasoned Cook Has Seen It All

Beatrice Mobley, believed to be one of the oldest surviving workers of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital, sits at her dining room table in the Vinegar Hill area of Brooklyn, surrounded by mementos from various stages of her life. She picks up of her 66-year-old Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital I.D. badge with its sepia-colored distressed...


The New Dawn of OWS

After police took down Zuccotti Park, protesters went on the offensive congregating in Foley Square before dawn, then marching through morning rush hour to a small park at Canal Street and Sixth Avenue. From there groups splintered. Some stayed behind while others set out to take back Zuccotti. ** ** For more OWS coverage The...