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The Night Zuccotti Fell

The occupation of Zuccotti Park ended in the early hours of the morning Tuesday. On orders from the Mayor’s office, police surrounded the park and penned in demonstrators, ripping down tents and throwing away personal effects that had made Zuccotti home for nearly two months. After demonstrators were arrested or evicted, they set out in...


The Secret Feast

Underground dinners are the latest trend in eating out. They’ve been popular for a long time in Latin America, known as “Paladars” or “Restaurante de Puertas Cerradas” (locked door restaurants). They’ve made their way to the United States and Europe and now also to Brooklyn. Danielle Bengsch looks behind the scenes of a secret cookery...


After the Fire: The Funeral

By Jeannette Neumann Brooklyn’s Guatemalan community gathered on Friday in a Coney Island funeral home to remember the five people who died at the end of January in a blaze allegedly set by a man living in their building. The funeral had been postponed until the bodies were identified.