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Seasoned Cook Has Seen It All

Beatrice Mobley, believed to be one of the oldest surviving workers of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital, sits at her dining room table in the Vinegar Hill area of Brooklyn, surrounded by mementos from various stages of her life. She picks up of her 66-year-old Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital I.D. badge with its sepia-colored distressed...


Love: City Clerk’s Office Style

Every day people wake up and decide to get married. For some, that means a trip to Brooklyn's City Clerk at Borough Hall. Mary Plummer, Joseph Alexiou and Todd Stone report on love inside a government building.


“Kina Gecesi” Henna Night in Brooklyn

By Amanda Massa and Mustafa Mehdi Vural Marriage can bring a smile to many people’s faces, but sometimes it brings tears.  In the Turkish culture, the traditional henna night — which is performed just days before the wedding— does just that. The henna night, or kina gecesi , is for women only. Friends and family...


Trim or Tattoo? A New Elvis Aesthetic in Williamsburg

By Joseph Alexiou It is only in a neighborhood like Williamsburg, in a borough like Brooklyn, that a group of creative young folks can open an Elvis-themed hair salon-cum-tattoo parlor without raising many eyebrows. Graceland is housed in a renovated former three-car garage at the corner of Lorimer and Withers streets. Embedded in the smooth...