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Mayoral Candidates Vow to Stop School Ranking

  Regina Morgan joined forces with over 350 public school parents in a mayoral forum on 2 May 2013, to demand answers about the future of her children’s education. With her two kids attending PS-29 in Cobble Hill, she added her voice to that of concerned parents over Mayor Bloomberg’s educational policies. “The current system has to change,” Morgan...


VIDEO: Stop-and-Frisk: Racist and Unconstitutional?

Last month, the NYPD released the Stop-and-Frisk statistics report for the year 2011, which underscored a broad public controversy about the NYPD’s  “stop-and-frisk” policy and charges of racial profiling. The data showed that African American and Hispanic New Yorkers accounted for the majority of the nearly 700,000 stops for that year, 52.9 and 33.7 percent...


Dreaming of Coney Island Jobs

Twenty-year-old Harry Puck grew up in the enchanting shadow of the iconic destination that is Coney Island, and has always wanted to be a part of it. On Sunday, Puck finally got his chance.  He was one of over a thousand applicants that responded to a job-screening event at Lincoln High School, in Ocean Parkway,...


Demonstrators March Against Stop and Frisk

  On February 10th, Latoya Dixon, a 29-year-old, African American Muslim woman, was on her way to pick up her husband from work. When she got out of her car, she was stopped by a police officer who said she made a right on a red turn somewhere along her route.  As she questioned the...