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With Seven Cases of Sexual Abuse in City Schools So Far This Year, One Brooklyn Mom is on Alert

Sitting on bench near the entrance to P.S. 262 in Brooklyn on Thursday afternoon, Maddy Cruz patiently awaits for her daughters to come out of the doors.  “I always tell my kids, ‘Don’t talk to any adult.’  I don’t care who it it is,” she says, shaking her head. Cruz’s warnings to her children could […]

Seasoned Cook Has Seen It All

Beatrice Mobley, believed to be one of the oldest surviving workers of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital, sits at her dining room table in the Vinegar Hill area of Brooklyn, surrounded by mementos from various stages of her life. She picks up of her 66-year-old Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital I.D. badge with its sepia-colored distressed […]

The Secret Feast

Underground dinners are the latest trend in eating out. They’ve been popular for a long time in Latin America, known as “Paladars” or “Restaurante de Puertas Cerradas” (locked door restaurants). They’ve made their way to the United States and Europe and now also to Brooklyn. Danielle Bengsch looks behind the scenes of a secret cookery […]

Collateral Damage: A Real Estate Scam and its Aftermath

John D’Emic is waiting to find out if he will be allowed to return to work as the Brooklyn Chief Deputy County Clerk. Enyonam Tolessi, an immigrant from Togo, is trying to repair her credit after almost a million dollars in mortgages were illegally obtained using her stolen identity. Their fates intertwined two years ago, and their futures hang in the balance.

Audio Postcard from Gleason’s Gym

The legendary Gleason’s Gym has been in DUMBO since 1984. In that time, it’s seen the neighborhood flourish around it, while still maintaining it’s gritty, classic style. Ishita Singh sends this audio postcard from the gym floor. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]