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The Secret Feast

Underground dinners are the latest trend in eating out. They’ve been popular for a long time in Latin America, known as “Paladars” or “Restaurante de Puertas Cerradas” (locked door restaurants). They’ve made their way to the United States and Europe and now also to Brooklyn. Danielle Bengsch looks behind the scenes of a secret cookery...


Video – Pessach at the Appelbaums’

Christians are prepping for Easter this weekend: chocolate and eggs are on the shopping lists. Jews are already celebrating Passover, the holiday that commemorated the Jews’ flight from Egypt. The preparations of this holiday are all about bread. Even the last crumb has to go. Jews aren’t allowed to own and eat bread on Passover....


Gowanus Decision: Winners and Losers

By Lenore Cho and Sudip P. Mukherjee The federal Environmental Protection Agency put the Gowanus Canal on its list of Superfund sites on Tuesday. The 1.8-mile canal in the midst of Brooklyn has been contaminated by heavy industry over the last century. Now the feds are stepping in for the big clean-up. The decision is...


The Man with the Machete

By Danielle Bengsch On Sunday night at around 11 p.m., according to police reports, Samuel Forrese opened the door to his East Flatbush apartment with a machete in hand. After he did not let go of the machete, despite orders to do so, the police employed a Taser. When Forrese still did not drop the...


Zazi pleads guilty to terrorism charges

By Danielle Bengsch, contributed reporting Althea Fung Najibullah Zazi listened attentively to U.S. District Judge Raymond Dearie in Federal District Court in Brooklyn today as he listed the charges: Zazi was alleged to be part of a conspiracy of planning an attack with weapons of mass destruction, being part of a conspiracy to commit murder...


Sexy Words in Williamsburg

By Danielle Bengsch It is the oldest form of pornography and still flourishing: Erotic literature. Danielle Bengsch speaks to participants in an erotic writing workshop at “Shag” in Williamsburg. [audio:]