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On the Waterfront

The Brooklyn Ink explored the borough to see what was happening on Brooklyn's vast waterfont. Here's what we found in the water.


Made in Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Ink took to the streets of the borough last week to explore the variety of things that people make, from whiskey, wine and granola to clay pottery, candy apples, rap music, even tree houses. Here's our eclectic portfolio of Brookynites who make things.


[VIDEO] Hoarded Cats Up for Adoption in Crown Heights

Hoarded Cat Finds New Home from The Brooklyn Ink on Vimeo. Bushwick roommates Claudia O’Brien and Jamie Rosamilia go to an ASPCA adoption event to find a furry friend for their current cat, Winston. The ASPCA ran the adoption event in conjunction with the One Love Animal Hospital in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, after rescuing over...


Parents Want Boy Scouts Gay-Ban Lifted

When scout leaders were asked about the prospective policy change on the established gay-ban for the Boy Scouts of America began, tensions rose and mouths closed. A policy that has been in place for a century might be lifted soon.