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The Hookah Cafe

By Abigail Ronck Five men are smoking tobacco through hookahs at a Bay Ridge café Friday morning, completely uninterested in Al Jazeera’s coverage of the Cairo streets. The footage, say these Egyptian immigrants, is entirely a misrepresentation. The network, they believe, vilifies Hosni Mubarak and falsely claims that two million protesters are gathered in Tahrir...


The Webmasters

By Lillian Rizzo and Saskia de Rothschild In the back room of a dark Chinese Internet Café in Sunset Park, Omar Abouelnas and two of his friends watch handheld footage captured by their friends from Cairo. “I wish I was there right now, I want to go back,” says Mostafa Amin. Amin, who is 18,...


Thursday Evening: At the Mosque, Anger

By Muhammad Bilal Lakhani On the eve of the “Day of Departure,” Egyptians are furious as they gather inside a mosque for evening prayers. They want their president, who has been in power for over 30 years, to leave. The imam urges his congregants to join the protests against the Hosni Mubarak and prays for...


Fort Hamilton wins PSAL title at Yankee Stadium

More than anything for the Fort Hamilton High School football team, this year’s PSAL championship game was about unfinished business.

Each of the last two seasons, the Tigers entered the playoffs undefeated. Each year, they went home empty-handed. They didn’t let it happen again.


Brooklyn Morning — McCarren Park Christmas Lot

By Evan MacDonald At the corner of Manhattan and Driggs avenues, just outside McCarren Park, Greg’s Quality Christmas Trees has started its annual sale of classic holiday ferns. The stand started selling last Friday, said employee Adam Mathews, with more than 300 trees arriving from a farm in North Carolina around 6 a.m. The stands...


Williamsburg Activist Takes Issues Global

By Ceylan Yeginsu The pressure of living in an African American community amid the civil rights movement in the 60s pushed Jan Peterson from Harlem to Williamsburg, where she entered what was then an Italian neighborhood at the start of the Women’s Rights Movement. Peterson was an active member of the radical feminist movement of...


A Brooklyn Family, Bonded By Dough

Anthony Ajello, the son who chose not to leave, points to the ravioli machine in his family’s pasta factory. It is big, silver and loud. “Right here,” he says, oblivious to the din, “we’re making ravioli.”


Brooklyn Election Special

Brooklyn, like the rest of the country, headed into the midterm elections amid voter anger and dissatisfaction with the ailing economy. The Brooklyn Ink looked at the numbers, and talked with the residents to see how statistics figured into their discontent. To read about money going in and out of Brooklyn residents’ pockets, click Part...


Scenes From Election Season

The Flying Saucer Cafe’s part-owner, Ivan Sullivan. (Alex Eriksen/The Brooklyn Ink) Coffee, Hold the Recession Ivan Sullivan wishes he’d opened a bar instead. The Flying Saucer Café on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Heights hasn’t made a profit all year and for Sullivan, a part owner, it’s taking a toll. Since becoming a partner in the...