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The Veteran and the Rookie

By Evan MacDonald There are only two people who walk into Vela Tapas in Bay Ridge. The first is the veteran. The veteran knows that tapas are traditional Spanish appetizers that can be served as entire meals. The veteran also knows that tapas are often shared, and orders more than one dish as a means...


The Weekend

By Evan MacDonald Happy Friday, Brooklynites. Once again, the Ink is suggesting some events you might want to check out as you plan your Brooklyn weekend. Watch the Disney musical classic, Fantastia, with the family at Family Movie Night at The Moxie Spot in Brooklyn Heights. When: 6:15 p.m., Friday Where: The Moxie Spot, 81 Atlantic...


The Perfect Brooklyn Film is a Myth

By Evan MacDonald There is no such thing as the quintessential Brooklyn movie. Sure, plenty of films have been made about Brooklyn. “Saturday Night Fever.” “The French Connection.” Spike Lee’s entire filmography. But ask someone who truly knows films, and they’ll tell you that picking the perfect Brooklyn movie is impossible. Christopher Campbell is a...


The News Addicts

By Louis Imbert and Melanie Brisbon As the “Day of Departure” was unfolding in Egypt, Egyptian residents from the streets of Bay Ridge were riveted by the news. egypt from Melanie Brisbon on Vimeo.


From Tahrir Square to Bay Ridge

By Muhammad Bilal Lakhani It is 1 p.m. and the Friday prayers have ended. The Imam had called for people from all walks of life to join a protest against Hosni Mubarak in Times Square. Egyptians are now gathering in small groups outside the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge. “There is a feeling of revolution...