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Tea Party Brewing In Brooklyn

By Laura Kusisto and Jack Mirkinson The Tea Party movement has come to Brooklyn, courtesy of an activist from Manhattan. John Press is an author with a doctorate in history from New York University, who was fed up with the excesses of the Bush and especially the Obama administrations and had begun going to Tea...


The Ink Breaks Down Brooklyn’s Economy, Number By Number

Today, the national economy added 162,000 jobs, a sign that the economy is potentially creeping out of crisis mode. Naturally, we wanted to look at the economic situation in Brooklyn. Thus, we have been working diligently all day to provide you with a comprehensive, suprising, shocking, exhaustive—well, come up with an adjective and our patented,...


Bank Robbery In Dumbo

The NYPD is reporting a bank robbery at the Sovereign Bank on Washington St. Dumbo. The robbery occurred last week, but the police are just now releasing information what happened. On March 4th, the robber, described as a man in his 30’s with a goatee and a dark jacket, went into the bank and passed...


New York Times Catches Ink Scooping It

Earlier this morning, we tweeted about a story the New York Times ran on its august City Room blog about people auditioning for a show called “Brighton Beach,” billed as a sort of Russian version of “Jersey Shore.” Why did we inform you about the Times story? Only because the Ink had run its own...


New Jersey Mourns Loss Of Nets and Pines For Replacement

Lost in all of the hubub about Atlantic Yards is the question of who or what will fill the sporting void left in New Jersey by the Nets’ migration to Brooklyn. Well, the Bergen Record has a few suggestions. The Record claims not to really care that the Nets are going, but the slightly hurt...