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One Russian Latte at a Time

By Jack Mirkinson Brighton Beach was driven inside by the rain and the cold last Thursday. People sought refuge in the all-Russian music stores and delis and kitschy clothing shops, with their displays of fur or corsets. And they also sought refuge in Starbucks, the chain that makes every neighborhood just that tiny bit alike....


Skaters Remember Fallen Friend

When up-and-coming inline skater Brian "Cozmik" Scott was murdered on Oct. 12, the skating world was rattled. His friends came together Sunday to skate in his memory and honor what he did so well.


The Perfect Shot

By Alessia Pirolo Where the Brooklyn Bridge reaches Brooklyn, just before the sunset of a perfect October day, a man put his arms around a woman’s waist. They looked at each other. They smiled. “Stop. Stop. Don’t look at her,” shouted a photographer, who stared at the couple through the lens of a professional camera....