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[VIDEO] Eating Fresh Eggs in the Food Desert

East New York is a food desert, a neighborhood with little to no access to fresh produce. As a result, the diet of children growing up here is based mostly on fast food restaurants and bodegas. According to a research by the Citizens Committee for Children, East New York is a high-risk zone for obesity....


Reckless Building Super Nearly Causes Disaster

An FDNY investigation discovered Piotr Jedruczek had used multiple garden hoses to bypass his apartment’s meters and power his water heater. The hoses ran inches away from the heater’s open flame and could have caused an explosion, officials said.


Boy Killed In House Fire During Winter Storm

A quick-moving fire in a Brooklyn home killed a little boy during the height of winter storm Nemo early Saturday morning, officials said. The 8-year-old, who wasn’t immediately identified, was sleeping in the first floor of the home at Bedford Avenue near Farragut Road in Flatbush when the fire broke out just before 3 a.m.


Goat Escaped From Brooklyn Slaughterhouse, Runs Wild

A goat with a survival instinct escaped from a slaughterhouse and was found running through the streets of Brooklyn at 1 a.m. Thursday. The goat was described as looking “disoriented” (although that’s how pretty much everyone in Brooklyn looks in the small hours of the morning) and banged into several buildings before being corralled in...