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Brooklynites Unsurprised By Gay Marriage Vote Delay

By Leah Finnegan Had the New York Senate passed a landmark bill to allow same-sex marriage Tuesday, Brooklyn couple Mark Nayden and Richard Kennedy might have finally made plans to legalize their union. Instead, the bill was shelved and the partners, together for 19 years, will have to wait – not that they were surprised...


Family Court

By Nathania Zevi The fifth floor of the Brooklyn Family Court looks like a soccer field before the game begins. Two teams confront each other. On one side of the room women sit together, chatting and cuddling their tired kids. The opposite side is filled with men lying on their backs and yawning. Their faces...


Popcorn Fires

A look at the aftermath of two popcorn machines fires in the span of six weeks at the UA Court Street Stadium 12 in Brooklyn Heights.


The Climbers

By Rob Anderson “I’m not crazy,” the woman says in a thick Brooklyn accent. “I am not going up there.” She is speaking to the bottom half of a man–her husband, presumably–who has climbed up a perilous-looking, retractable metal ladder into a hole carved out of the ceiling in apartment 4D. “I don’t know what...


The Composter

Kendall Morrison is surrounded by garbage, food waste, spores of fungus. He is a happy man. Morrison cannot avoid smiling when he says that he will fill one the few green oasis in Bushwick with his beloved rubbish.


Audio Postcard from Gleason’s Gym

The legendary Gleason’s Gym has been in DUMBO since 1984. In that time, it’s seen the neighborhood flourish around it, while still maintaining it’s gritty, classic style. Ishita Singh sends this audio postcard from the gym floor. [audio:]