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Looking for Mr. Lundy

By Katerina Valdivieso “That’s the one! That’s the portrait! Let me see?” Victor Coker was stunned when he saw the picture of his missing portrait in a page of the book I had brought to show him: Lundy’s: Reminiscences and Recipes from Brooklyn’s Legendary Restaurant. I had opened it to a random page and, ironically,...


Courtyard Gospel

By Terry Baynes She was hard to miss, sitting on the bench in front of the New York State Supreme Court on Court Street.  She crooned along to the gospel music coming from the round portable stereo player in the seat next to her.  A reusable plastic grocery back stood by her feet.  On her...


Where Everybody Knows Your Song

During the daytime, this 1950s-styled diner happily plays the role of quaint family restaurant, but as the night sets in, the lights are dimmed and the music raised. Welcome to Karaoke Night in Red Hook.