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Photo for 10/29/09: World Series Circa 1866

Before the Yankees ever faced off against the Phillies, it was the Atlantics of Brooklyn versus the Athletics of Philadelphia in this lithograph of the second championship game in 1866. For more photos of the New York-Philadelphia baseball rivalry click here.


Courtyard Gospel

By Terry Baynes She was hard to miss, sitting on the bench in front of the New York State Supreme Court on Court Street.  She crooned along to the gospel music coming from the round portable stereo player in the seat next to her.  A reusable plastic grocery back stood by her feet.  On her...


The Perfect Shot

By Alessia Pirolo Where the Brooklyn Bridge reaches Brooklyn, just before the sunset of a perfect October day, a man put his arms around a woman’s waist. They looked at each other. They smiled. “Stop. Stop. Don’t look at her,” shouted a photographer, who stared at the couple through the lens of a professional camera....



By Rob Anderson Cafe Grumpy is almost empty. There are a few customers up front, but the back is a sea of barren, two-seat tables. The only patrons back there–a young man and woman–have skipped over the small tables in favor of a long, wooden one that’s pushed up against the wall. Their backs face...


The Precinct House

By Terry Baynes A young black woman cradled her pregnant belly in her lap, partly exposed by her tight blue T-shirt. “He didn’t touch you, did he?” her mother asked with a thick Caribbean accent. “No,” the girl whimpered in between gasps.  She had the sound of someone who’s been crying for hours, whose breathing...