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By Daniel Roberts Sunday afternoon. The subway ride to South Brooklyn is a quiet one. People sleep or try to read. But on this Sunday, the D-line is undergoing renovation. At the Prospect Avenue stop, the conductor makes a garbled announcement about this becoming an R-train. Passengers snap up from their stupor and look surprised,...


The Last Inning & The Artist

"Ball four! Take your base," the umpire barked in a husky voice. The Latina batter in an oversized NYPD Commissioner's Baseball Tournament t-shirt sauntered over to first as her teammates cheered and whistled from the sidelines. "Great eye, Tina, way to be patient!" She had not swung once.


Introduction to Our Newest Feature

“Here is Brooklyn” is a compilation of observations in and around the borough. Starting this fall, every weekday we will bring you a Brooklyn moment, captured in words from the worlds and neighborhoods around you. Be sure to check back each day for a new slice of life from the neighborhoods you know so well....