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The Perfect Shot

By Alessia Pirolo Where the Brooklyn Bridge reaches Brooklyn, just before the sunset of a perfect October day, a man put his arms around a woman’s waist. They looked at each other. They smiled. “Stop. Stop. Don’t look at her,” shouted a photographer, who stared at the couple through the lens of a professional camera....



By Rob Anderson Cafe Grumpy is almost empty. There are a few customers up front, but the back is a sea of barren, two-seat tables. The only patrons back there–a young man and woman–have skipped over the small tables in favor of a long, wooden one that’s pushed up against the wall. Their backs face...


The Precinct House

By Terry Baynes A young black woman cradled her pregnant belly in her lap, partly exposed by her tight blue T-shirt. “He didn’t touch you, did he?” her mother asked with a thick Caribbean accent. “No,” the girl whimpered in between gasps.  She had the sound of someone who’s been crying for hours, whose breathing...