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[VIDEO] Female Brewsters Return to Roots in Red Hook

Female Brewsters Return to Roots in Red Hook from The Brooklyn Ink on Vimeo. Sixpoint Brewster, Heather McReynolds, is among the rising trend of women involved in the craft beer industry. Women drinkers now make up 25 percent of the beer market and their female companions are increasing their numbers in the manufacturing process as...


[VIDEO] Welcome to the Punderdome

The PUNDERDOME is Brooklyn’s monthly improv pun-making competition, hosted by a self-proclaimed “Rodney Dangerfield impersonator,” Fred Firestone, and his “alleged” daughter, Jo Firestone. Eighteen contestants participate in spontaneous punning in 6-person rounds, and Fred and Jo decide the pun topics for each round. Contestants are eliminated as the audience determines who goes on, with the...