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Gowanus Decision: Winners and Losers

By Lenore Cho and Sudip P. Mukherjee The federal Environmental Protection Agency put the Gowanus Canal on its list of Superfund sites on Tuesday. The 1.8-mile canal in the midst of Brooklyn has been contaminated by heavy industry over the last century. Now the feds are stepping in for the big clean-up. The decision is...


Zazi pleads guilty to terrorism charges

By Danielle Bengsch, contributed reporting Althea Fung Najibullah Zazi listened attentively to U.S. District Judge Raymond Dearie in Federal District Court in Brooklyn today as he listed the charges: Zazi was alleged to be part of a conspiracy of planning an attack with weapons of mass destruction, being part of a conspiracy to commit murder...


Brooklynites Unsurprised By Gay Marriage Vote Delay

By Leah Finnegan Had the New York Senate passed a landmark bill to allow same-sex marriage Tuesday, Brooklyn couple Mark Nayden and Richard Kennedy might have finally made plans to legalize their union. Instead, the bill was shelved and the partners, together for 19 years, will have to wait – not that they were surprised...


Family Court

By Nathania Zevi The fifth floor of the Brooklyn Family Court looks like a soccer field before the game begins. Two teams confront each other. On one side of the room women sit together, chatting and cuddling their tired kids. The opposite side is filled with men lying on their backs and yawning. Their faces...