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Brooklyn Catholics Seek Deliverance

Catholic leaders in New York have named today a “diocesan day of prayer” in the face of diminishing communicants and clergy. The New York Daily News reported Sunday and this morning that the Diocese of Brooklyn, which oversees Catholic churches in Brooklyn and Queens, is considering closing churches and consolidating parishes in order to overcome...


Yousef Al-Khattab, Man Behind Virulent Islamic Website, Grew Up Jewish

By Bilal Haye Editor’s note: The Brooklyn Ink first broke the story of Revolution Muslim, the organization that has issued a threat against the creators of “South Park” for their depiction of the Prophet Muhummad. The story profiled the group’s founder, Yousef Al-Khattab who grew up as Joseph Cohen in Brooklyn. Al-Khattab, in a reader...


Video – Pessach at the Appelbaums’

Christians are prepping for Easter this weekend: chocolate and eggs are on the shopping lists. Jews are already celebrating Passover, the holiday that commemorated the Jews’ flight from Egypt. The preparations of this holiday are all about bread. Even the last crumb has to go. Jews aren’t allowed to own and eat bread on Passover....


The Ritual Burning

By Yaffi Spodek The strong smell of smoke permeated the air. In the center of a large gated yard, several men stood around a metal trash can. A short, red-haired fellow wearing a black cap held a poker, periodically stoking the orange flames that leapt up and down from inside the pile of garbage. The...