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Seasoned Cook Has Seen It All

Beatrice Mobley, believed to be one of the oldest surviving workers of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital, sits at her dining room table in the Vinegar Hill area of Brooklyn, surrounded by mementos from various stages of her life. She picks up of her 66-year-old Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital I.D. badge with its sepia-colored distressed […]

Atheist Billboard Enrages Jewish Community

  On the evening of March 7, the Jewish community in Brooklyn celebrated the start of Purim, a holiday commemorating the salvation of the Jews from destruction at the hands of a Persian ruler named Haman. But Wednesday night ushered in a bit of unwelcomed text as well: a large billboard along the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway […]

Brooklyn Catholics Seek Deliverance

Catholic leaders in New York have named today a “diocesan day of prayer” in the face of diminishing communicants and clergy. The New York Daily News reported Sunday and this morning that the Diocese of Brooklyn, which oversees Catholic churches in Brooklyn and Queens, is considering closing churches and consolidating parishes in order to overcome […]